born to rock and roll


We are Electric Mud



Electric Mud is Marc Hansen, Matty Hansen, Matt Sorena and Colton Cori. 

Two brothers started out from NYC, left for sunny San Diego and the Navy. Thats where they met Colton Cori. Jamming turned into a full-time band and Cousin Matt Sorena moved out from the east coast to join up with the boys.

Now with Cousin Matt on bass, Colton Cori on guitar, Matty on drums and Marc on guitar and vocals, Electric Mud is starting out with their own sound influenced heavily by the old rocknroll bands of the 60s and 70s.

Their new album is Dangerous Promises! 


Vocals, Guitar / Marc Hansen
Guitar / Colton Cori
Bass / Matt Sorena
Drums / Matt Hansen



Dangerous Promises

by Electric Mud