Electric Mud


Highway Refugees

SDMA’s Best Rock Album of the year!

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  Electric Mud was started by brothers Marc and Matty in Staten Island, NY back in 2008. Soon after the band was formed, both brothers left New York to join the Navy in 2010, putting their musical aspirations on hold. In the military, and stationed in San Diego, they met Colton and Phil and started jamming on their off time. The drive to make music became stronger than ever. All four members decided to complete their time in the service and pursue music full time.

With an old school vibe that clearly represents the golden era of rock’n’roll, they’re bringing back the classic sounds of the 60s and 70s. The band tries to pay homage to every era of rock’n’roll roots, even back to the beginning of American blues, early country and Motown. Bands and artists like The Rolling Stones, Otis Redding, Tom Petty and Waylon Jennings can be heard in their sound. Catchy songwriting with strong hooks, paired with a tenacious live sound, have given Electric Mud a reputation to pay attention to. If you’re looking to find tunes for your next road trip, or trying to catch a real rock’n’roll show out on town, Electric Mud is exactly what your looking for. 

Check out the singles UNDER MY THUMB, FLAMES and ANY OTHER WAY! 


Vocals, Guitar / Marc Hansen
Guitar / Colton Cori
Bass / Phil Narmada
Drums / Matt Hansen



Highway Refugees

by Electric Mud

Dangerous Promises

by Electric Mud



“With a 70 's sound that lifts the hairs and themes that evoke sincerity, love and suffering, Electric Mud reminds us of the origins and fundamentals of Rock and Roll, the fender and the Gibson, rehearsals in the garage, freedom , energy, sweat on stage and sharing with the public.”

- Oliver Beard, Electric Mud, the good old Rock of the USA


"Distilled, classic rock originality describes the album Dangerous Promises from Electric Mud. Heady guitar-driven thrust and potent radio-friendly vocals combine for a premium song collection. Steeped in contemporary appeal, Dangerous Promises has been nominated for Best Rock Album 2018 at the San Diego Music Awards, to be held on Mar. 19. Equipped with a flotilla of talent and depth, Electric Mud serves up 11 original tracks built on musicianship and style. But there is more to the music."

- Paul Wolfe, Electric Mud Interview "Dangerous Promises"


“Getting Down in the electric Mud”

- Soundiego